About Auntie Heather

Auntie Heather is one of those unfortunate people in the world with sensitive skin. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with chronic hives.

Through a process of trial and error, we came to realize I was allergic to many additives/preservatives. If you have ever looked at a product label you will realize there is always additives/preservatives listed on the label.

This restricted what I could use to wash my clothes, clean my house, and what I could use for lotions and soaps. I found a great homemade product, and guess what, no additives/preservatives where used in making it. The person who made it was limited on product and fragrances that I could purchase. Loving the products and having a need for them I decided to make the product myself. Then I realized that there wasn’t consistent brand or person making these products for everyone to be able to purchase.

So in the process of making wonderful smelling lotions for myself Auntie Heather’s Bath and Body was born.


Auntie Heather's products are family tested, if the family is not happy with the product we continue to reformulate the recipe till it meets family standards.

I would like to thank you for purchasing my products, and I hope you have just as much success with them as I have.

 Auntie Heather